Slack Channel Invites and
Exports on Steroids

Bulk invite all members of a Slack team or a channel to another channel. Quickly export all members from a channel.

Add channel members in bulk

If you have ever dealt with creating a new channel in an existing team on Slack, and you had to invite members in bulk from a different channel, you know how combursome this task could get. With Channel Tools, that problem is solved forever.

Quick and Easy

With Channel Tools installed, it only takes a few seconds to get your work done.

No Number Is Big

Have 1000 members to bring from a different channel? Well, no problem!

Merge Channels

Make new channels merging users from various different channels

Powering teams around the world

Step 1: Add to channel

After installing Channel Tools in your Slack team, add @ChannelTools to both source and destination channels.

Step 2: Enter Command

Once you have added the app to the respective channels, execute /channeltools command.

Step 3: Select Channel

Now select the channel from where you want to invite users in bulk. Once you select a channel, ChannelTools will confirm again. That's it!

Step 4: There is no step

All the members have been invited to the channel. How many seconds did it take?

Asked Question

Channel Tools - we make bulk channel invites as easy as counting to 10

Is Channel Tools for Slack free?

Yes, all the features offered with Channel Tools are free. We could add some premium features in the future, but we'll let you know well in advance. You'll always be given preferential rates.

How many users can I invite with Channel Tools?

1K or 10K, we can deal with any number. In fact, that's where our app shines. Come with as many as you have in a Slack Channel.

Is my data secure?

We use strong encryption to store only the data that is required by our app. You are safe with us.

Can I use Channel Tools to invite external users?

As of now, we only support users to be invited across Slack channels. We might bake this feature in our future releases. Let us know that you are interested.

I have some feedback, how do I share?

You can go to our support page for any query or feedback. We try to reply as soon as possible.

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