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Exports on Steroids

Bulk invite all members of a Slack team or a channel to another channel. Quickly export all members from a channel.

Joing 9000+ teams using Channel Tools

Add channel members in bulk

If you have ever dealt with creating a new channel in an existing team on Slack, and you had to invite members in bulk from a different channel, you know how combursome this task could get. With Channel Tools, that problem is solved forever.

Quick and Easy

With Channel Tools installed, it only takes a few seconds to get your work done.

No Number Is Big

Have 1000 members to bring from a different channel? Well, no problem!

Merge Channels

Make new channels merging users from various different channels

Channel Tools recognized as brilliant bot by Slack

Powering Teams Around the World

More than 3000 teams across the globe are using Channel Tools to help their admins manage their team and channels


Recently Added

Invite everyone in the team to a channel

Quickly add all users in a Slack team to a channel. The app comes bundled with /invite_all command. Execute this command in any channel to populate it with all users in the Slack workspace. It takes just seconds.

Invite all members
of a channel

Add all members of a channel to another channel. This app super charges your Slack with /invite_channel . Quick and easy.

Export all members of a channel

Get a CSV with details of all the members of a channel including their names and emails with /export_members command. This command can only be executed by a team admin.

Randomly pick a member from a channel

Perfect for those moments when you want to assign a task to a member, but can't decide who. /random_user makes it easy.

Clear screen of a channel

/clear command makes some breathing space by clearing the screen of a channel. It doesn't delete any message, but sends a blank message that takes up the entire height of the channel.

It's free, no credit card required

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See what our users have been saying about Channel Tools

Have been struggling with #Slack administration for a while; for example, inviting all members to a new channel involved some manual labor. Luckily, Channel Tools extension came to the rescue.

Came to learn about @SlackHQ Channel Tools Plugin while prepping for a demo. Was looking for quick way to “clear” the screen on a specific channel. This is what I was looking for. It even includes /clear command!

How to bulk add all members to a Slack channel? There is a better way to do it, Channel Tools!

“This is an awesome tool! I use this tool to quickly add my members to channels in an efficient way. It also helps with engagement when I run the tool in my channels.

I have 650+ people in the community so this was a no brainer when trying to getting my members into channels. Its also super fun to watch the counter as it adds members. I also recommend to another community manager and they liked it as well.
Way to go! "

Stephen Vincent Casaceli II

Founder at PigeonHack

(A community for indie-makers to help with audience building, marketing, and sales)

Supercharge your
admin experience in Slack

Free, no credit card required

Asked Question

Channel Tools - we make bulk channel invites as easy as counting to 10

Is Channel Tools for Slack free?

Yes, all the features offered with Channel Tools are free. We could add some premium features in the future, but we'll let you know well in advance. You'll always be given preferential rates.

How many users can I invite with Channel Tools?

1K or 10K, we can deal with any number. In fact, that's where our app shines. Come with as many as you have in a Slack Channel.

Is my data secure?

We use strong encryption to store only the data that is required by our app. You are safe with us.

Can I use Channel Tools to invite external users?

As of now, we only support users to be invited across Slack channels. We might bake this feature in our future releases. Let us know that you are interested.

I have some feedback, how do I share?

You can go to our support page for any query or feedback. We try to reply as soon as possible.

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